Early Console War Winner


Early Console War Winner

As a kid, video games are what got me through the day. All day at elementary school I would day dream of collecting coins, killing bad guys, and getting all my Pokemon to level 100. This trend didn’t end as I grew up, the games just switched from Mario and Donkey Kong to Call of Duty and World of Warcraft. With such a background in gaming, you could imagine my great interest in the next generation of consoles that just came out. Now that the Wii U has gone all in for casual gamers, it has turned into the battle between the PS4 and the Xbox One, and I’m extremely interested to see which one is more successful.

Enter this article by Molly Wood, which includes both a linguistic and a visual take on the console wars. I appreciated the video element of the article, for it gave you a better understanding of some of her points (such as how the voice recognition on the Xbox One works about as well as Siri’s illiterate stepson). Having had experience with the PS4, I was excited to see that she preferred the console over the Xbox One. We’ll just have to wait and see which one comes out on top in the next few years.


Gay Marriages Begin in Cook County


Being a Cook County resident, the announcement of the legalization of gay marriage in the county greatly interested me. I have always thought that there was no reason not to legalize it, therefore I often hoped that the marriages would be legalized. An article on the Chicago Tribune’s website excellently outlines the first gay marriage in the county, and it explores what is to come for gay marriage in the future in Cook County. http://www.chicagotribune.com/news/local/breaking/chi-chicago-gay-marriage-20140222,0,4186342.story 

Audio Aiding a News Story


Not many news stories take advantage of it, but audio can significantly add quality to an article. Voices give more emotion and realism to the story, and one example of such work is this story about a woman calling 911 about a spider. The story seems absolutely absurd just reading through it, but the SoundCloud rationalizes the story completely. The woman explains that she understands the ridiculousness of the situation, but regardless she says she desperately requires help. The audio also allows people to relate to the story more. Many people are afraid of spiders and can connect with the woman who called 9/11 through her description of the situation. Without the audio, the story would be a lot less human and would’ve had less credibility as a whole.


David Burnett’s


The difference I see sometimes between photojournalism and artistic photography, is that photojournalism’s main purpose is to tell a story and give context, while the artistic photographer aims to make their images beautiful. Photojournalists can’t edit their photos as much as photographers in other fields, but David Burnett succeeds in blending news telling with beauty.

Originally from Salt Lake City, Burnett did freelance work with the magazines Time and Life, and the photojournalist really got noticed for photographing the Vietnam War. He has won many great awards in his tenure as a photojournalist, and when you see his work you can see why.

Scrolling through any of his galleries is exciting. He has shot galleries with the likes of Bob Marley, and also presidents both new and old. His ability to make his photos undeniably beautiful is what makes me admire him. His shots just seem so unique and appealing. I think I learned a lot from going through his galleries.

You can check out more of is photography on his website.

Convergence Journalism


When it comes to convergence journalism I’ve always been excited about it. I was not really interested in journalism as a kid until I discovered how social media and journalism can mean more than just print and broadcast. The idea of video, audio, and unique versions of journalism contributing to mainstream media greatly interests me. For that reason I’m extremely excited about taking J2150, aka multimedia in journalism. With taking the class I hope to become more well-versed in Photoshop, Final Cut Pro, and other popular programs in relation to journalism. Additionally, I hope to gain a greater understanding of not only the business world of journalism, but also the complex functions of reporting in all the major fields of journalism. I have always been an exceptional writer in terms of style, but applying such writing to a journalistic purpose is what legitimately excited me to not only study the field, but pursue it in my career. I could not be more excited about taking J2150, for it is precisely what I intend to pursue as a journalism major and a professional.