Convergence Journalism


When it comes to convergence journalism I’ve always been excited about it. I was not really interested in journalism as a kid until I discovered how social media and journalism can mean more than just print and broadcast. The idea of video, audio, and unique versions of journalism contributing to mainstream media greatly interests me. For that reason I’m extremely excited about taking J2150, aka multimedia in journalism. With taking the class I hope to become more well-versed in Photoshop, Final Cut Pro, and other popular programs in relation to journalism. Additionally, I hope to gain a greater understanding of not only the business world of journalism, but also the complex functions of reporting in all the major fields of journalism. I have always been an exceptional writer in terms of style, but applying such writing to a journalistic purpose is what legitimately excited me to not only study the field, but pursue it in my career. I could not be more excited about taking J2150, for it is precisely what I intend to pursue as a journalism major and a professional. 


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