What to Expect From NAB 2014


It’s that time again in the tech world. The National Association of Broadcasters is throwing its annual show in Las Vegas so all of the tech junkies can drool at the new hardware and software set to release in the near future. Past years’ shows have had anything from people unveiling new applications of mobile television, to Netflix announcing that Arrested Development would be getting picked up for more seasons. This year’s show, however, seems to focus more on the continually developing technology of video definition and the furthering of the media’s dependence on the Cloud.

The clear headlining piece of hardware to be featured has to be the new 4K ultra high-definition video that is beginning to go commercial. This so called “ultra-HD” technology increases the number of horizontal pixels from the norm of 1080 to, you guessed it, 4 thousand pixels. As television has begun to adopt the technology, there still is a lack of content being released in 4K definition, and this seems to be the year where people will first be able to dip their feet in to the next chapter of high definition video.

Full commitment to the Cloud should also be a common topic at this year’s NAB show. Due to the Cloud making media collaboration and sharing easier than ever before in the past couple years, major media companies have been going all in with the Cloud. Storing everything online is just the next step in the evolution of the digital era, and such is why it has become more and more prevalent. Expect many speakers to speak of the Cloud, including Amazon Web Services and others.

In addition to these two pieces of technology, expect, as always, to see many captivating speakers talk about all sorts of things related to discussing where the technology world is going. If you want to follow the live stream of the event, simply visit the NAB Show’s website and watch as the news is unveiled.


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