My J2150 Experience


Taking J2150 this semester was extremely exciting for me. I have loved creating multimedia ever since I was young, so when I heard I had to take a class that focused on it, I was extremely thrilled. The class was pretty similar to what I expected: many projects involving photo and video. While I didn’t know the audio aspects of the class beforehand, they also offered me different opportunities to report stories. 

Of all of the projects, I think I liked the 30 second video the most. Making videos has been a part of my life for as long as I can remember, and utilizing everything I’ve dabbled in over the years for a grade was an experience to say the least. While the end result of the project was not exactly my best work, the process taught me that you really need to put in a lot of time and effort into such projects to have great results.

I hope to continue my studies of multimedia journalism in the future. Focusing on convergence is something I am quite interested in, and while I don’t know exactly what major I would specify in, I’d be happy to pursue either a multimedia major or a documentarial major. I’m excited to see where my education takes me in the next few years, and I really hope that I continue to focus on multimedia.


Black and Gold Game 2014


Mizzou pride was evident everywhere at their football team’s annual Black & Gold Game. Fans of all ages came flooding through the doors to see their team in the very early stages of their 2014 football campaign—a campaign quite hard to predict after the team lost so many key players and decided to cut Dorial Green Beckham. In DGB’s case however, fans seemed to be on the side of the team’s management.

“Definitely a good choice [to cut DGB]. It was a bad representation of Mizzou sports. We shouldn’t allow that to happen and I’m glad that they enforced it” said Nick McCoy, a freshman at Mizzou. Even with the loss of their star player, Mizzou fans remained confident that their team will perform next season.

“Even without DGB, Maty Mauk is pretty good with the deep ball and we got a couple of up and coming wide receivers so I think our offense will be pretty good” said Mike Klinge of the Tigers’ next season.

Even with all of the controversy around the football team recently, fans remained loyal to their team and optimistic about the future of their team. They hope that next season they will be wearing black and gold into January like they did this year.





Nick McCoy wearing his team’s colors at Mizzou football’s annual Black and Gold game in Columbia, Mo on Saturday, April 19. 


Mike Klinge ready to watch the 2014 Black and Gold game at Faurot Field in Columbia, Mo on April 19.


NAB 2014 Wrap-Up


Well, it turns out I was right. The highlight by far at the 2014 NAB Show was undoubtedly 4K video. Just as expected, 4K video dominated the media coverage of the event as Sony and others offered new cameras capable of shooting in Ultra HD. While filmmakers have been using 4K video in movies here and there, the same could not be said about TV broadcast, until now. Television is quickly catching up to Ultra high def standards in the movies now that there is more hardware to shoot 4K with. 

Another interesting product that was revealed at the 2014 NAB show was the DJI Phantom 2 Vision+. The product is essentially a camera strapped to a mini helicopter, or in common terms, totally awesome. For just under $1300 you can own one of the incredible machines in case you need a drone strapped to a camera.

While there is way too much to include in a brief blog post of the 2014 NAB show, 4K was the clear winner in terms of consumer interest and media coverage. I can’t even imagine what’s to come of the event next year.

What to Expect From NAB 2014


It’s that time again in the tech world. The National Association of Broadcasters is throwing its annual show in Las Vegas so all of the tech junkies can drool at the new hardware and software set to release in the near future. Past years’ shows have had anything from people unveiling new applications of mobile television, to Netflix announcing that Arrested Development would be getting picked up for more seasons. This year’s show, however, seems to focus more on the continually developing technology of video definition and the furthering of the media’s dependence on the Cloud.

The clear headlining piece of hardware to be featured has to be the new 4K ultra high-definition video that is beginning to go commercial. This so called “ultra-HD” technology increases the number of horizontal pixels from the norm of 1080 to, you guessed it, 4 thousand pixels. As television has begun to adopt the technology, there still is a lack of content being released in 4K definition, and this seems to be the year where people will first be able to dip their feet in to the next chapter of high definition video.

Full commitment to the Cloud should also be a common topic at this year’s NAB show. Due to the Cloud making media collaboration and sharing easier than ever before in the past couple years, major media companies have been going all in with the Cloud. Storing everything online is just the next step in the evolution of the digital era, and such is why it has become more and more prevalent. Expect many speakers to speak of the Cloud, including Amazon Web Services and others.

In addition to these two pieces of technology, expect, as always, to see many captivating speakers talk about all sorts of things related to discussing where the technology world is going. If you want to follow the live stream of the event, simply visit the NAB Show’s website and watch as the news is unveiled.

Excellent Use of Multimedia in Journalism


Excellent Use of Multimedia in Journalism

I came upon this article because its topic, Flex dancing, was captured so excellently in a video. I was captivated every second seeing these dancers do things with their bodies I didn’t think were possible. From every moonwalk to literal flex, it had me hooked. Then I found out about the article it was attached to by Julie Turkewitz of the New York Times. Within it was a written piece of the history and current state of the dance, and also a slideshow of stunning photographs of the dancers. All of the forms of media came together to make a very compelling story that I enjoyed immensely.

Final Cut Switch


While Final Cut Studio was supposed to be strictly for professionals, Apple decided to change it up, making it more user friendly and consumer based a few years ago. Many previous users of Final Cut were extremely upset about the switch, while on the other hand the average consumers were thrilled with how user-friendly the program was. 

The first impression of many people was related to how expensive the program was. Even for an upgrade from the previous version of Final Cut, it cost about $300. However, people still paid much to use the video editing software, for it is the best of its kind. But, people soon discovered that it was not as professional as they initially thought.

Photo App


Photo App

As someone who loves taking pictures, I was happy to find an article like this to organize my photos. I never have really had an application to keep all of my pictures intact, so I was happy to find an article that mentions apps that can adequately organize my pictures. I was happy to see the video in the article, for it taught me how there are multiple apps that can organize my photos into albums. Thanks to these apps I have a channel to look back on and appreciate the pictures from the past.