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Photo App

As someone who loves taking pictures, I was happy to find an article like this to organize my photos. I never have really had an application to keep all of my pictures intact, so I was happy to find an article that mentions apps that can adequately organize my pictures. I was happy to see the video in the article, for it taught me how there are multiple apps that can organize my photos into albums. Thanks to these apps I have a channel to look back on and appreciate the pictures from the past.


David Burnett’s


The difference I see sometimes between photojournalism and artistic photography, is that photojournalism’s main purpose is to tell a story and give context, while the artistic photographer aims to make their images beautiful. Photojournalists can’t edit their photos as much as photographers in other fields, but David Burnett succeeds in blending news telling with beauty.

Originally from Salt Lake City, Burnett did freelance work with the magazines Time and Life, and the photojournalist really got noticed for photographing the Vietnam War. He has won many great awards in his tenure as a photojournalist, and when you see his work you can see why.

Scrolling through any of his galleries is exciting. He has shot galleries with the likes of Bob Marley, and also presidents both new and old. His ability to make his photos undeniably beautiful is what makes me admire him. His shots just seem so unique and appealing. I think I learned a lot from going through his galleries.

You can check out more of is photography on his website.